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CDAS Meeting - 12 April 2004


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Hi all, as promised here is the meeting notice. It'd be good to see you there cool.gif


Mini-Reef Aquariums and Marine Invertebrates

By Rachael Elliot

Date: Monday 12th April 2004

Place: West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club, Cnr of Kent St and Strickland Cres, Deakin

Hello again everyone. First of all, apologies to everyone who turned up to the non-event last month. Despite the best laid plans, things didn’t work out as we had hoped. I can report that after the initial disappointment, a bunch of dedicated fishaholics turned up to the Bowling Club only to find that no-one was there to let us in. But we made history because, as far as I know, we attended the first CDAS General Meeting to be held in a carpark. We were very lucky because it was a lovely mild night and the mozzies weren’t bad. I’m not sure whether it was the dim light or a symptom of rising interest rates but the fish were going very cheap. It was good fun and thanks to all those who persevered.

This Month, Rachael Elliot will deliver a fascinating presentation on setting up, maintaining and studying a miniature tropical reef. That’s right, it’s possible to set up an intriguing marine ecosystem in a two-foot tank without any particularly fancy equipment. Rachael will be showing photographs of her own mini-reef and describe some of the many invertebrates that emerge from so-called ‘live rock’.

Other events will include a ‘mini’ Mega Auction. Don’t restrict your auction items to just fish and plants. If you have any other items of aquarium related hardware such as tanks, rocks, heaters, filters or whatever then you’re welcome to bring them along to the auction. Don’t forget, you can set the reserve price at whatever you want.

Other regular events that will occur next Monday include problem corner, the library and the shop. Don’t forget to bring along some loose change for the on-going mega-raffle. Tickets are selling fast and so get them while you still can.

Also, the photography contest is up and running. You can submit up to five photographs of any fish related topic you like – planted tanks, individual fish, marine or whatever. You can submit your photo in either digital or a printed form, it doesn’t matter. Judging will occur by popular ballot on the Christmas break-up night when we’ll do a slide show. The prize is a lovely 200W heater. So, as one Giant Clam said to the other, get snapping!

Anyway, it’ll be great to see you all inside the Deakin Bowling Club next week

Good luck with your piscatorial pursuits

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Would it be worthwhile pinning a post with the title the CDAS has a "mini' MEGA auction as it may be noticed up the top. Also that is how the couple of the Sydney-ites (and myself) noticed it last time. You may get a couple more Canberrans to notice



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