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New to the plant side of tanks.


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Hi, i have a four foot african tank that i want to grow some plants in also. The hood has a light fixture in which holds a 18inch tube and i am wondering what brand/sort of tube i will need to get my plants the light they need to grow. The fish in the tank dont need any light but i really want the plants to thrive as i cant get any natural sunlight where the tank is situated.

Is the 18inch tube directly in the middle of the tank going to be enough?

And will the tube (recommended here by someone) be enough to keep my plants healthy? (along with plant food and sorts)

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Alan. cool.gif

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Well an 18 inch tube over a 48 inch tank isnt going to get your plants going very well i wouldnt think. U may get soem low light plants to grwo directly under the light, but i wouldnt say they are going to thrive. To get your plants to thrive you would need uniform light across the entire tank. I have seen a tank that keeps wysteria and elodea alive just by using a desk lamp with an incandescent bulb in it, but it didnt thrive, just lived. Others with more experience will give you better more indepth reply's

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