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Micks Tanganyikans, and a few others


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hi all as it says this is a link to my pics on webshots.

The pics include


N leleupi

N tretocepalus

N pulcher

N brichardi

N cylindricus

T sp. red "Kachese"

T duboisi

T. sp. Black "kiriza"

E melanogeny

X spilopterous

C leptosoma "Kitumba"

C leptosoma "malasa"

C foai "magara"



Albino Afra


Gold severums

Blue acaras

others to follow

N buescheri

X flavippinis

there are few shots showing multple fish, and a few tanks aswell

Micks Tang pics

The camera is a sony cyber-shot DSC-P8, if anyone else uses a similar camera, hints on the settings and tricks would be appreciated..focas seems to be the biggest prob

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Hi sarah , No not breeding them. that is a pic of the ones i just bought, trying ti convince the guy too sell a few more he has about 40!! The Kiriza are from him aswell..

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