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oscar not eatin


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hey all,

i currently have a large tiger oscar. he was doing fine with eating and all until his mate decided to commit suicide and jump out of the tank.

since that has happened he has slowed down on his eating an dlately in the last week he has completely stopped eating all together.

i was just wondering why this is the case and if there is anything i can do to get him eating again.

i have not changed his diet and am just worried about him.

thanks for any advice given



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Firstly, did the other oscar jump out because there was a problem with water quality?

Secondly, if the water parameters are ok, then the oscar is probably sulking at the loss of the other fish sadsmiley02.gif . Keep his water clean, remove uneaten food, and hopefully he will return to normal after a short period of mourning smile.gif .


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When i had my Oscars they always perked up when I fed them live food. Dig a worm or cricket up from your yard and try that. Just remember to remove then left overs if any. More likley I would say it missing its buddy


Josh and Evelyn

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