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C. foai Blue Green Furcifer.


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Last night i purchased a pair of featherfins at the auction.

I have tried to research the details of the fish on the internet and I could not find anything.

The bag had "C. foai Blue Green Furcifer" written on it but did not specify the fish's location.

Does anyone know the location of this fish with this common name?

And it appears that I have 2 females so I will be looking for a male but if I can't find out the exact location then I could end up cross breeding one foai with another from a different location.

Thanks in advance.

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Rodney -

From what little I know, these are all from a single import so they must have had a location.

Ben, Laurie & Griffin have looked into this I think smile.gif - they are the ppl to ask!

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Thanks for the help Dave, hopefully one of the people you mentioned will be able to shed some light on the fish that I got.

It seems like it could be a little more complicated after reading this post.


There actually seems to have been a lot of different foai/fucifers that have come into Australia.

And after looking at the Ad konings book most of them are blue/green. dry.gif

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Hi there I sold those C.foai at the auction last night and they are magara, sorry should have put that on the bag but i thought all blue-greens were the same.

There are a few around so you should be able to pick up a male with maybe a wtb in the buy/sell section


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yup blue/green furcifer here in Oz is synonymous with magara (and burundi).

They're all Cyathopharynx foai "Magara" to the best of my knowledge.

"burundi" is an older trade name as is "blue/green".

Jess and Julian sold the last of theirs (to me, or back to me in the case of the female).

Az haz some (sounds like a Dr Zuess title) I think and I have a colony.

I have some young males a bit bigger than the ones auctioned that I could spare so if you're interested in one of them give me a PM or email before the next meeting.

The fish in the top of this picture is one of the young males:

user posted image



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