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cichlid silly

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thanx for repliying merjo,im not the best at pin pointing

diseases,i just lost some 3cm baby south americans

all in 36 hours ,ive had them for awhile now (did).

they were going great guns,but boom there all gone.

they had no obvious sign's of sickness other then looking

really stressed out.

that said, it looked like only 1 at a time got stressed out

and died,if that makes sence.

i originally thought the biggest 1 of the bunch was the killer,

then at the end he went to,i took good care of these guys

if anything too much love lol.

ben. oops.gifunsure.gif

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you could worm the fish to eliminate that possibility, but to be honest, I'm not sure what would have caused it.

AQUARIUM SCIENCE has a worming tablet that is quite effective (and smells like sweet vomit, so don't sniff it!)

I would want more information before dosing tho.

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Sorry to hear about your fry... sadsmiley02.gif Its never nice loosing babies!

Did you test your water conditions at all during the mortality event? ammonia, nitrite, nitrate? How often were you doing water changes in your fry tank? Were they in a fry tank or were they in with other fish?

I ask because you lost all the fish within 36 hours, i would not expect internal worms to do this.

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hi guys ,yes they were in a fry tank,i did 20% water changes

every 2 days.to clean excess food off the bottom of the tank.

so i didnt think nitrate \nitrite tests were needed.

and a few weeks ago i introduced 2 small bristlenose to help

clean the excess food,1 bn didnt make it overnight but the

other is still doing fine,and a baby fry that i was feeding the

baby south americans is still alive aswell?

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C silly

The plot thickens.

I think you could be looking at bad water, rather than a disease in this instance. I would go and make a purchase of a testing kit smile.gif

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Guest Makka

Hi Silly biggrin.gif Mate sorry to hear that ya lost'em sadsmiley02.gif .

Just a little hint mate wink.gif Adding b/n to any fry tank is risky (IMO)

As they cane all over the place during the darks hrs ohmy.gif where as yer

Cichla wink.gif would be tryna sleep . You should talk to Lungy before you add

ANYTHING to Cichla fry . HTH a bit anyway & Good luck in future mate smile.gif


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thanx for your replies guys,

and in the future i will not add anything to

the tank.(other fish).and i will dig a bit deeper

into the pockets for appropriate test kits as i only

have a ph kit.

thanx again ben. tongue.gifblush.gifblush.gif

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