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Proud mother


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tongue.gif Told ya! Congratz.

As I said to you on Tuesday, invest in an 18 inch holding tank with a cheap corner filter. I normally use open stands with a shelf on the bottom because they are very useful for putting small tanks on. Use 100% water from the main tank.

You should get 15-20 fry per batch, but watch for predatory adults. If the fry are getting picked off then with the next brood move them into the small tank shell and all at the earliers possible time. Just be careful the mother doesn't dive into the shell when you go to grab it. I find a 'decoy' finger for her to chew on is the best tactic. If you don't think that you can manage it alone then friends and family can prove useful for providing the decoy finger. rolleyes.gif

Enjoy your spunky little fish!


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