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Hey guys,

I have recently moved my M.Estherae fry (my first ever fry!) from a fry net in my main tank to a little 2 footer to themselves.

I have a little eheim 2206 (I think) aquaball running.

This filter provides some turbulence but the little guys seem to cope with it.

Is there any chance that the filter intake or turbulence will cause harm.

They are currently 1-1.5cm



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Hey nw1411,

Congrats on the fry.

The only thing you should check is if the largest of the fry can fit into the filter intake then you should cover it up with some filter wool. If none of them can fit into the intake then dont worry and grow them up.

(and give me some when they are older).....he he he wink.gif

Cheers, Alan. cool.gif

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