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600 views in 6 hours


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Looks like this new forum could be a popular one. I only moved it this morning for all to see at 8am and by 2pm, there had been over 600 views of the topics and 65 separate posts.

The poor old Betta board only had 446 views in the past 30 days blink.gif

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Guest Panga

Yup... it was a great idea to add the photo section.

I like looking at pics and its easy to access. And its great cause you can leave a comment for the owner which you cant do with most photo albulms.

Its good to let people know when they have nice pic or/and fish. blush.gif

Cheers Troy biggrin.gif

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Boy we should be charging admission into this area laugh.gif

This forum, in 14 hours has more views (1162) than the following forums have had in the whole of March:

Community Tank 1151

Dwarf Cichlids 1124

ACT Forum 810

Newcastle Forum 639

Bettas & Other labyrinth fish 458

In the past 24 hrs, it's had more hits than ALL the other SCP forums added together.

Sorry to bore you with stats, but I'm amazed at how many people are interested in the new forum. Thanks for suggesting it.

It would be nice to see some more entries in the comp though wink.gif

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