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N.multifasciatus nursery area?


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I have noticed with my colony of multis in both tanks they have been in seem to have a nursery area where the new, free swiming fry collect away from the spawning shells.

I have had 2 batches of fry free swim in the last 3 days and both lots have moved to an area newly dug by the alpha male. One of these spawns has moved 3ft from the spawning shell, the other only 6in. The male and the spawning female seem to work in unison to heard them to the new site and then the female once having moved the bubs, goes back to her normal shell. The male checkes them often.

These areas are always in a reduced flow (Dead) section of the tank.

I assume because the slower flow passes food at a slower rate and is easier for the fry to catch and gives respite from the current.

Is this a common occurance? I have not noticed this with other shellies i have kept as the bubs seem to collect under the shell they were spawned in.

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I didnt have this type but my fry hung around the shells. I read a few articles on multifasciatus and nobody suggested the behaviour that you have seen, doesnt mean it doesnt of course just they hadnt seen it :-).

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