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how do u post the pics?


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does it have to be your own personal web space as i activated mine ages ago and have lost the link and i cant see anywhere on the TPG website how to find it again. Can one use MSN as a host or webshots,

ps Hi Gavin you're not alone it all sounded rather complicated but then im pc illiterate.


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If you pay for internet access (through bogpond or optus etc) then you will have an amount of webspace available for you to use (probably 5 or 10MB which is plenty).

All you need to do then is to download one of the ftp programs listed in the "posting images" page (there's a link to the left of the page in Site Navigation).

The FTP programs really are easy to use, and you may have to spend 5 minutes on the phone with your ISP to get the settings and addresses right, but after that, you are laughing. All you need to do is have the file you want to upload in the left hand window and transfer it across into your public folder space, in the right window (on most ftp clients).

I like WS_FTP but the others are probably just as easy. Seriously it will take 5 minutes to learn it.

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Guest Gutty

Looks like you've just about got it sorted Gav. Maybe change the size setting on your camera to 640 or somthing for shots you might wanna upload. Would save you doing any resizing and make it possible to direct link to them.

Just a thought.......



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