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Flagtail Prochilodous - too big?


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I have a flagtail semiprochilodous which I've raised from abt 8cm size.

He's now huge ( at least 45cm), beautiful fish, great colours,big eater,

and a real standout fish. My problem is that over the past couple of weeks he's started swimming laps from one end of his tank to the other non-stop (he's in a 6 foot tank). He's not trying to jump out of the tank (yet) and he's eating normally etc. He gets very skittish when the lights go out but he has always done this and its

a normal behavior trait of this fish.

He shares the tank quite amicably with smaller cichlids ( hartwegi, uropthalmus, dempseys) and there is no fighting or interaction between them - in fact I think he scares the hell out of them swimming back and forth all day long!

I'm worried that he's getting 'stir crazy' and as I dont have a bigger tank to put him in I dont know what to do. Any suggestions for others who have kept these fish?

They are naturally a very active fish but I've never seen this 'swimming laps nonstop' behavior before in the 4 years I've had him.He's the biggest flagtail I've ever seen and probably worth quite a bit but I'd rather try to give him to a public aquarium to go into a big tank than have him go nutso in a confined space.

He's very jumpy and wouldnt relate to large aggressive cichlids in a large display tank as he's never been with big aggressive fish.

Any tips?


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