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Kadango red fin hurt bad


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Last night my kadango got caught behind a filter intake. Got him out into a hospital tank with medication, salt, raised temp and raised air. He is still alive but not looking good.

He has one eye that clouded over, a spot on his body where a bn was sucking on him and a general loss of colour.

He is sometimes hanging upside Down and other times swimming very weakly.

Should I continue with treatment or is there no chance of survival?

It sucks he was my first cichlid and I am very attatched to him.

Thanks for any help.

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seems you have done about all you can by moving to a hospital tank

I would turn the aeration down to reduce the turbulence in the tank

if you have it too high so he doesn't feel off balance

keep him upright so he doesn't struggle and increase stress level

get some Melafix in with him also for the eye and wounds if he pulls

through the eye should clear up

Good luck


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He seems to be upright more often now, but he is still going upside down every so often. When he is upside down all it takes to get him back up is take off the towel I'm covering the tank with. He is in a bad way but I don't wanna give up just yet.

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