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Which Eheim setup?


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Soon I will be setting up a 5x2x2 geo tank. It will have geos (unsure of what species yet), corys and rummy nose tetras.

I wanted to get some opinions on what filtration would be better.

I want the cleanest water so I am going to have either 2x eheim classic 2217 or a single Eheim professional 3 electronic 2080. Which filter setup should I go for?

I know either setup would be alot for the tank but I want the cleanest water possible so I'm going to spend up for the filtration.

Opinions are much appreciated.


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Pro3, as can you effectively run better mechanical filtration (.50 micron felt cut to size) and the baskets make maintenance easier.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Classics, but for crystal clear water the Pro's make maintenance a million times easier.

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I have a 2080 on my 5x2x2 and it's a dream. I've had the tank set up for 9 months now and it hasn't missed a beat. I was tempted to go the 2217 option but went for the newer model and design.

It's extremely simple to clean and is a great filter system...you can't go wrong with the 2080.

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