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can you over feed baby brine shrimp?


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Hi All

i made 1/4 teaspoon of BBS hatch rate looked good plenty of bbs...now my question is i am not sure how much to feed them..

for example yesterday i got over 60 fry from 2 lithobate females they are in a fry saver..SHALL i be shy or give them plenty of BBS ?

and once i have fed all my other fry what do i do with the left over BBs do i leave them in the cup and just put in fridge and feed them in morning ? or do they go off?

thank you all

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Just give them little amounts at a time until they are nice and round. No need to waste it by overfeeding (it's proven hard enough to hatch). Put the excess in the fridge, should last about 3-4days, they will eventually go bad. Wash out the hatching container before starting a new batch.



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What Grant says is spoton.Little amounts often will make your fry grow fast.

Great you worked it out? come on what was the change that made them hatch?

They last for days even at room temp.

That Litho sure had a mouthfull.

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