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fish tank repairer


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hi my friend was moving his 4x18x20 tank and 1 of the side glass cracked.just would like to know if anyone knows anyone that will repair it as he has a universal background and it will be to big of a job to pull it out and put it in a new tank.

cheers omar

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As Grant says this is a DIY repair if you want to try

use a razor knife and cut out the broken panel

clean the area by scraping off the old silicone residue

then use a scouring pad and Metho to clean the sealing

area to remove all the silicone and leave the area

clean of contaminents

measure the old piece of glass and have a new section

cut to the same size ........... it can't be larger :no:

have the edges arriced (take the sharp edging off)

there needs to be a gap approx 2mm between the edges

when you seal it together

use a wet finger to clean up the joint but don't try and

make it perfect as the silcone can be trimmed when dry

hold the panel in with masking tape or weights like

sand filled containers on each side

otherwise try calling the aquariums in your area as they

my have a tank builder that could make a house call


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If its a display tank advice above is the way to go

If only to repair buy glass10mm smaller all round

Plenty of silicone around edges and lightly between glass

Leave it for at least 4/5days to cure before filling.

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