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eheim 2217 vs aquaone cf2400


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hey guys

got a 5x18x18 tank setup

i wanted your thoughts on the above canister filters. they will run along with an internal filter.

as i see it....

eheim 2217 around the $280 mark. aqua one cf 2400 around the $280 mark.


Aquarium size: 600L

Output: 1000L/hr

Head height: 2.3m

Power consumption: 20w

Volume: 6.6L

aqua one

Aquarium size 800L

Output 2400L/hr

Head height: 2.0m

Power consumption: 62w

Volume: 22L

what are your thoughts on what to get? i know the eheim would be better quality and less chance of anything breaking down. i think the warrenty is the same on both filters. i do want the best filteration for my money but it is worth buying the 2217 which wont do the job as fast as the aqua only because its tried and tested and i havn't heard anyone giving them a bad feedback?



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I have had a couple of both and will recommend the eheim any day. Both eheims are still running silent whilst the aquaone's were noisy even after thorough cleaning of the head unit and replacing the impellor. Ending up throwing them.

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Yep, I ended up buying an FX5 after only 3 months and boxing the Aqua One 2400 and putting it in the shed. This was mainly due to the fact that one of the elbows cracked and I couldn't get a replacement.

On a side note, if you can get an elbow, you could have a practically brand new filter for a decent price... lol! :p

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if these are the only 2 options then id say the eheim but if you want the sort of water movement and media volume then id be looking for an FX5 but this will cost you approx $400.

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I'm still new to this but I have an ehiem 2213 running my 4 foot tank it works brilliantly, I bought it with my tank setup so it is second hand given I don't know how old but apparently the tank is aprox 4 years old, but it still runs super quite my air pump is heaps louder then the filter but even that is pretty quite.


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