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Opinions on Seachem Stability and white spot remedies


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For over 6 months I have been having problems raising fry (previously I successfully raised hundreds / thousands without problems) and have not found a solution after testing my water and having it tested on numerous occasions as well as dosing my system with triple sulphur, white spot and other remedies as well as specifically dosing my fish etc. Many of my fish still breed regularly and I have recently managed to raise some angel and firemouth fry but not the pep and abn fry. I have been advised by an 'expert' that often systems develop bacterial problems that don't really affect the adults but kill the fry. He said my best bet is to use liquid chlorine or pp to clean up the tanks and then start from scratch. Because I am at my wits end, I will try this approach.

Therefore, in a few weeks I will start up a new system and I have heard good reports on Seachem Stability (and not so good reports on other brands of bacterial starter products). Can anyone offer any advice or experience on these type of products. I want to get the system up and running asap, so prefer to use this product (my fish are being minded by someone else so I don't want to impose too long) and stock with fish asap. Fishless cycling (a bit of mucking around) and seeding the tank from another (want to be careful about introducing any disease) doesn't really appeal as it will take longer to cycle than using Seachem Stability.

Also, I want to keep in stock a white spot remedy in case I do run into future white spot problems or to use as a prophylatic (spelling?). I have been using Protozin but it is expensive to use on a 1,200 l system. Does anyone have any recommendations for an effective, safe and cheaper product than Protozin?

Also, if you can recommend cheap online suppliers where I can source the above products, it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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