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Red Lump ?


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noticed this lump come up a few days ago on one of my geo's

and today he's not looking too good :(

the spot was red at first and now seems to be getting some white on it.

any ideas ? "sorry not the best photo's"

IPB Image

IPB Image

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sorry to hear you end up culling it

did the lump increase in size ?

it looked similar to what Texas use to deveop years ago

but that was more like a pimple

It was thought to be virus at the time .... clout was used

but not always 100% sucessful

I guess you couldn't find anything similar in net searching

fish diseases


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Hi Link

yep the lump was slowly increasing in size and the fish was very lethargic, although still eating.

he was tilting on one side a bit too.

unfortunitely i couldn't afford any meds atm and no quarrantine tank available,

so i made the hard decission to cull him. he was probably the best looking one so that wasn't an easy decission to make :cryblow:

i had been advised that it could be Fish Mycobacterium so didn't want to take any chances and risk any of the other fish or me for that matter...

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there are a few directions that cause these growths and

none are good

I thought it might have been leaning towards a tumour or

Lymphocystis and was hoping not Mycrobacter or Fish TB

but it would seem to be either viral or bacterial

from your description of it's advancement I think youve taken

the best action, as hard as it is, for the rest of the group

can you lay out the time frame and progress of the growth

keep an eye on things and remember this tank is still suspect

and anything used in it should not be use in your other tanks

so basically this is now in quarantine

always wash you hands after having contact with the tankwater


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will just have to see how things go ?

i only noticed the lump about a week ago when i took some photo's

the fish was still eating, but i thought it was better to get it out and hopefully not effect the others in the tank.

the others in the tank are nice and active and seem fine so far, will be keeping a close eye on this tank now though.

i am making sure i feed this tank last out of all my tanks and yep nothing will be going from this tank into others.

it's a bit hard at the moment to wash properly after dealing with the tank as we have no water supply at the house at the moment as we have some really bad leaks in the main pipe to the house and have had the water shut off for 2 days now :cryblow:

having to use rainwater for washing etc which is a pita, luckily i managed to fill my aging barrel up b4 the water had to be shut off.

hopefully get it sorted tomorrow ???

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