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how to strip fish of fry?


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you cant rush fish, they are holding the fry as they may be scared to let them out into the tank, if you really want to strip get a bucket with some tank water in it catch the fish, and gently open the fishes mouth, and dunk its mouth into the bucket slowly the fish will release the fry.

Cheers Mark~

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Be sure to have a tumbler of some description incase they fry are not fully developed too :yes:

CHEERS :thumb

i have foind if there is a head and tail i dont need a tumbler. they can move around by themselves and seem to survive. I just use a 2lt ice cream container with 2 side removed and fly screen siliconed in place. I have used this to raise 100's of fry and had less then 1% loss.

and a wooden tooth pick works fanstatic for stripping

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