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With the support of the Australian Cichlid Enthusists Forums sponsors and members we are able to offer a monthly prize for the winner of Picture of the Month Competition. As it stands, we will most likely run alternate monthly competitions, one for tank pictures and then one for fish pictures.

There will be a monthly prize donated by one of our sponsors or your friendly team of mods & admins. The prize may be a tank, equipment, food, fish or a gift voucher.

ACE members wishing to enter the Picture of the Month Competition must adhere to a few simple rules.

1. The member who takes out first prize must contact the prize donator and arrange collection, or delivery at the prize winner’s expense, within a week of that month’s competition ending. Those not wishing to collect on the generosity of the prize donator may elect to forfeit their prize and have it combined with the prize for the following month.

The member who wins will also become the guest judge for the following month.

2. The judges for each competition will be

-The ACE Administrators and Moderators

-A guest judge (previous month's winner)

-The monthly sponsor

The judges and that decision is final, and the sponsor for each month has the deciding vote if there is a draw.

3. No ACE Administrators, Moderators, Guest judge or Competition Sponsor may enter the Picture of the Month Competition.

4. All original pictures posted on this forum are eligible for inclusion in the ACE gallery or other site as deemed appropriate by the Administrators (with author rights given of course). If you do not wish for this to happen, or would like your picture removed, please include a statement in your post saying so or email one of the ACE Administrators.

5. All winners will have their pictures displayed on a dedicated page on the ACE. Previous winning pictures may not be used in future competitions.

6. All pictures submitted must be tasteful and not offensive in any way. Any pictures deemed to be potentially offensive will result in an automatic ban of the submitting member.

7. Please keep photo sizes to smaller than 600 pixels wide to allow for easier viewing of the page.

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