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What do fertiziled eggs look like?


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Posted earlier this week. I managed to scoop up some of my empress's eggs. She spat them. Think she was hungry!

When I got them - they were perfectly egg shaped. Orange in colour.

So, I have been tumbling them in a water bottle with a air stone. A bit make shift, but my first attempt at this.

A couple have gone white. So I have chucked them.

The others have changed shape a little. And it looks like they are growing some strange sort of translucent tail?

I looked up some youtube videos. From what I can see, I might be in a with a shot.

I was wondering if anyone had any clear photos or videos of eggs tumbling, that are starting to take on a new shape or form? If this is what happens?

Or if you might be able to explain the process???

I'm going to do some more googleing. Although thought I might ask you all, are there is such a wealth of info!


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