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What are chances of eggs hatching?


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Hi All!

Long time no chat!

One of my empress's just chucked out a mouthful of eggs. They look semi big. They are a orange / sandstone terracotta colour. Not that I have seen that many eggs.

I only have a display tank. Have put them in net with the air stone and the heater next to it.

What are my chances of seeing the eggs hatch?


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I,ve had success with using a siv, just putting the eggs in it and having an airstone just so there tumbling around.

all you can do is try, hopefully they are fertilized if not they will soon fungus up. remember to remove any fungusing eggs too.

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I don't think they will last though. I have got them in a water bottle, in the tank - with the air stone tumbling them. Might be a bit to rough. And I fiddled with them so much last night trying to figure out what to do with them!

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