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hg-090 air blower


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i am looking to improve my air flow,iwill have 25 x 3-4 ft tanks with sponge,undergravel and trickle systems. im not that happy with reports on compressors,piston pumps and my vibrater pumps are having a hard time.

any reccomendations would be appreciatated.

thanks people


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hi dave

don't get too wraped up in turbine blowers either,they can push a lot of air, but not much pressure. if your tanks are 18"+ high an air powered filter will run slow.

plus the whine of the turbine can be annoying. mine is outside the fishroom and i can hear it in the house 20 meters away at night, so think of possible probs with neigbours. i'm going through the pains of looking for another pump now, because the blower will not run my extentions. cheers colfish

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