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Power Head for the mini reef


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Hi All,

I am buying a 4x2x2 that comes with a mini reef, unfortunately the power head is broken (making noise and water coming very slow)

Can anyone tell me where I can get that repaired (if it is repairable)?

If not what should I buy for the replacement (brand, capacity, approx cost)?



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more than likely the labour rate to get it fixed will be more than the powerhead is worth.

spin the impellor shaft, if it spins freely the motor is still ok, take out the impellor shaft and have a look if there are signs that it is rubbing up against something or the magnets are not smooth, that is also bad. U might be able to get away just replacing the impellor and the shaft. depending on the model of powerhead u have.

i would recommend getting a new one instead (might be expensive though).

- Ernie

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Thanks for your info.


I am picking the aquarium up this sunday. I'll dismantle the mini reef and will let you know the brand.

If it can't be fixed, what brand & type would you recommend? and howmuch roughly it would cost..?

Thank You for your help.



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