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Colourful african cichlids which are open swimmers


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Im looking for some colourful african cichlids which are open swimmers and occupy open areas of the tank and that arent skiddish and stay in caves most of the time. I've been told cyps, peacocks, c.moori and electric yellows all pretty much fit this description. Can anyone list a few species i should look for?

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In my experience it depends on the individual fish, but in saying that certain species are more likely to prefer open water than others.

Most of the peacocks I have kept tend to like hiding under rocks if they are dominant enough to get the territory. Especially Aulonocara Lwanda and Jacobfreibergi which are rock dwelling peacocks in the wild.

In my experience other haps seem to like open water swimming more than peacocks. At the moment I have a tank with colonies of Placidochromis electra, Dimi Comps, O. Lithobates Zimbawe Rock, P. Steveni Taiwan Reef, and A. Maulana. The Maulana and Taiwan reef seem to be quite skittish and prefer to shelter under the rocks, whereas the Comps, Lithobates, and Electra just cruise around in the open water.

I think you will find Electric Yellows to prefer hiding under rocks over swimming in open water but the advice about the moori seems to be spot on.

I think most of the Copadichromis species also like the open water.

Hope this helped.

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