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Tropheus duboisi


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Don't know how much these fellas sell for... but Crossroads had about... 10 - 20 of them today when i went down to buy my GT female,

and they were for sale $15 each.. my guess 2-4cm... I don't know much about tropheus and what thye should look like etc... but a couple of them had lost most of their spots and had the white line... Just thought i'd say this incase someone was looking for some in newcastle, and thought it may have been cheap for this fish, as i saw some in Sydney that were the same size... $45 a fish! I mean ohmy.gif I was shocked... (when i saw them for say $15 at CR Glendale)


Tropheus duboisi , Crossroads Glendale

2-4cm (guess) $15

Just thought it may be a bargain, Cameron.

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Before you do Andy, go out the back and look at the parents, i say they have bred them and thats why there so cheap and if that is the case, the parents i saw were the worse case of maswa's ive seen!!!



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I reckon they are duboisi Kigoma, not Maswa.

They have white bands (no hint of yellow) and as Adrian said, they are offspring from the ones out back and the parents are very ordinary looking (but they are pretty huge for tropheus!)

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