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Lepidolamprologus kendalli


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I had 4 kendalli around 11cm in a 3 foot tank with sand bottom and no rocks as a grow out tank, about 6 weeks ago i placed a cople of rock piles at each end of the tank just to see what would happen.

The bigger of the four took posession of one rock pile and the back side of the filter, onother had the other rock pile, the others had the heater and the top of the filter.

It stayed peacefull enough as long as they didn't encroach each others space.

About two weeks ago the larger (male?), and the one that had the other rock pile became friendly enough to share the males rock.

Last week i noticed that the smaller of the two was shimmering when the male got really close, and laid a couple of eggs on a sloping rock in a small cave.

It was late at night, i went to bed very happy thinking that when i checked in the morning i would find a lot more eggs, but i couldn't see any, maybe she moved them to some other safer place?

I decided to remove the other 2 kendalli to onother tank, so if they had eggs they would have a better chance of survival.

When i came home from work the two fish were at either end of the tank and have been that way ever since, with the male chasing the female away when he feels like moving house.

No eggs or fry in sight.

Did i did the wrong thing by removing the other two kendalli?

Some one told me that maybe if i had left them in, they would have stayed together, and they would act as target fish

I would think that kendalli of this size are to small to breed.

Should i put the other two back in?

Do any one know anything about these fish, i can't find much info on the net or books on breeding behaviour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Alex,

I started with 10 nkambae / kendalli and just kept on taking out the ones that were being bailed up out.Ended up getting a really good breeding pair that way(i've fed of about 4 spawns and probably raised 8) of this pair.If you've got them in a big enough tank i'd leave them with target fish maybe red empress or something but they need to be the top of the aggression dynamic.11cm is well and truly big enough I think there only about a 15cm fish in the lake.

regards Chris

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