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Synodontis Petricola Spawn


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I've gone searching for the post I put up some months back informing of my petricola spawn, but the Catfish pages only go back one more page.

Where are the rest of the posts?

Anyway, my petricola spawned but the fist I knew of it was when I saw the babies swimming in the tank. There were seven, and they were really tiny, only a couple of millimetres, one was even smaller blink.gif .

They are now around 30mm, they have spent most of their time in a small glass bottomed tank, as I wasn't game to introduce them with existing fish, even the other petricola, as I didn't want to risk them. I put them two weeks ago with petricola, and Neolamprologus pulcher adults, and they are absolutely gorgeous wub.gif .


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