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My apology to all :)


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hi all members of the scp

over the last few days ago we had a problem identifying a fish.

Sorry to all members for giving you a hard time sadsmiley02.gifsadsmiley02.gif

Sorry to 'show' for wrongly accusing you of selling me a hybrid sadsmiley02.gifsadsmiley02.gif

Sorry to yew for bringing the crap up on the forum. sadsmiley02.gif

sorry to all on chat that night for keeping you up all night

and sorry for all the problems i caused you.

and thanks baz for your help on identifying the fish and telling me what steps to take.

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Well done Daniel, it takes guts to admit when you are wrong. Ask lungy, he is the Apology King around here rolleyes.giflaugh.gif

I hope everyone else can be as mature as Daniel has been and drop this issue for good.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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