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what african is this?


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I have a male african cichlid and have no idea what type he is.

i want to know what he is so that i can get some females for him.

pics of him are here http://www.geocities.com/hxkingswood/african.html

can anyone help me out?

Thanks for all the help guys.

if he aint a pure breed i wont be getting him any females

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Guest Panga


I cant get the pic to load... i get this error

We're sorry, but this page is currently unavailable for viewing.

Cheers Troy

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Troy, if you cut and paste the link he typed out in the post and at the bottom, they will work.

It's still hard to positively ID, but it will have rtbb zeb in it if it's a hybrid, or it's possibly a pure rtbb.

The markings almost look like a blue afra. The mouth makes it lean towards a zeb as the afra mouth has teeth quite close to the edge of the mouth where the zeb teeth are further back in. I can't make out any teeth there so I'd be leaning towards a red top black bar zeb. Do the stripes go up into the dorsal fin?

More pics would be good.

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I am with Andy on this one it has the genes of a RTBB in it but it isn't likely to be a pure RTBB.

Unfortunately it is no good to breed from so buying girls for him really wouldnt be much use, unless you fed the fry to your fish as feeders. He would make an ok display tank fish though.

If you like that sort of looking fish then buy some Red Top Black Bars they arn't that dear.

Cheers Memphis cool.gif

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