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what type of fish can be kept with the following?


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hey guys...

i just have a question here...

if you get say 6 juvenile sp polits, 6 juveniles sp demasoni, and 6 juveniles sp flavus...

and you keep them in a standard 4 footer....

will they vross breed ??

and if so, what can you keep with each of the species listed above ???

c ya


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ps. My demasoni (6x juvies, look like they might start breeding soon) are housed with a colony of electric yellows (9 adults, 6 juvies) in a 4x2, and they are quite boisterous. I dont think they will do well with tankmates in a standard 4'

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I wouldn't suggest keeping any one of those species in a standard 4 footer (as previously commented).

Flavus and demasoni need a lot of space per male despite their size and polits are not far behind.

A 4x2 is still too small for 2 adult flavus males and 6 females in my opinion (and the opinion of the girls he killed, I'm sure).

All 3 fish are fantastic, but need at least a standard 5 or 6 footer (or a 4x2 with definite separate areas) to be happy.

You need to choose other fish or bigger tanks I'm afraid.

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