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Admin emails?


Do you have "allow admin emails" checked on in "My Controls"?  

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Hi Guys -

As most ppl will know I've had a few server troubles the last two days. Which are hopefully resolved now - I was wondering how to get in contact with the SCP members and was wondering how many of you have allow admin emails turned on?

If you dont - why not? Please reply as well as vote.

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Guest Smasha

LOL well untill last night i didnt laugh.gif

Panga told me he got an email asked me if i got it i said no sadsmiley02.gif he then fixed my pc so i could get them too blush.gif

I thought it was a bit strange i didnt get the last email either blush.gif but now i will biggrin.gif

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Me too smile.gif ... I'd hate miss out on a smack blink.gif

Its easy :

1 My controls ...

2 Click e-mail in options ...

3 Privacy settings ...

4 then just simply "TICK" this one here :

>Send me any updates sent by the board administrator

Enabling this option will add your email address to the administrators mail list and you will receive any updates sent <

I think unsure.gifunsure.gif

Andy ...

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In case anyone is wondering the admins here hardley ever send bulk emails. We need this to distribute information to you guys when we are having technical troubles etc.

So it isnt like we are going to clog up your inbox LOL!

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I don't have admin emails allowed. I wont be changing it.

Its just one of those things. If I recieved a bulk email, I'd trash it before I read it anyhow. (Yes even one from the SCP)

Thats just me I guess. Not a fan of mailing lists of any variety.

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