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is it ok to feed tangs the following?


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hey guys..

i have a pair of N.brichardi and J.transcriptus...

in a 4footer

i was wondering if you can feed them the following in addtition to their regular flake food:

for vegeables:

Zuchinni ??

Lettuce ??

Peas ??

pumpkin ??


Blood worms ??

Earthworms ??

Brine shrimp ??

Mosquito Larvae ??

please tell me which one out of the above is suitable for them... and which is the best one as well.....

thx in adv

c ya


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Guest Makka

Hi . i use bloodworms,brineshrimp,flake,and some home mix aswell.

But i do feed my fronties garden worms now and then . smile.gif


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