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Newcastle aquarium Stores


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Hi Guys, After reviewing the posts in the Newcastle section, it has come to my attention that Newcastle aquarium stores are just not up to the calibre of Sydney or the Central Coast (no offence to Newcastle stores, your all very nice smile.gif ).

When asking for somehting specific in Newcastle, the standard response is "go a little further down to Sydeny or CC and youll find what ya need etc etc". I would have thought that a city the size of Newcastle would have an Aquarium store that would be at least as good as any on the Central Coast. But judging from your comments, they just arent. MAybe there is an open Buisness opportunity?

Any thoughts?


P.S. I havent visited any CC or Sydeny aquariums, i am just going on the opinion i get from other peoples posts.

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Yep it has been considered and even planned to a degree by some up this way.

The problem is, that shop rent in Newcastle is huge (at least $30,000 - $50,000 per year for a good location). Unless you can find a good shopfront owned by relatives, or can work a deal somehow, the overheads are too big.

Stay tuned, there may be a member or two from here opening up a shop in the next year or so.

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