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Posting pictures on this board


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Hey Guys,

Im pretty sure this has been discussed before, but i couldnt find it, and also thought it may be in forum Faq, but it says i am denied access ???? dry.gif

Anyway, how do i post pictures in my posts??? more importantly which are the best free sites that offer space for photos that can be viewed strait in the post and not as a link..


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Guest Panga


You should get a free webspace with your ISP. They normally give you about 10mb space.

You can check by visiting you ISP's website to see.

Once you have worked all that out you upload your pics there and then just link to them from there.

HTH Troy biggrin.gif

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Are you sure you don't have Uni web server space? I am at UWS and I have some automatically allocated to me while I am a student there.

Anyway, just did a bit of Googling, came up with this:


According to the front page, you can have up to 1MB of pics hosted free and it allows hotlinking. Haven't tried it myself.

There is also this one, keeps the pics for 15 days.


Hm, or the netscape one, up to 20MB for free


I was using that but had some trouble with it a while back, just logged into it again and a few old pics are there, I am testing it below ...

user posted image

Yup, it works, I can hotlink to it! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Hope this helps! smile.gif

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I can't recommend any that will allow you to hotlink. I paid for some space with FotoTime.com.

Fiona's software is good, but I wont look at any shots that are kept there as I don't want to clutter my PC with little programs to deal with it. I just hate the popup feast they have when I go there.

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