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LFS in Canberra


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Hi guys,

This could be a bit controversial, and i'm happy for the mods to cut it and tell me off, but as an interest thing i wanted to open a dialogue of the LFS here...

Are there some you know of that others don't?

What are the range and quality at that shop like?

If you're breeding, which if any do you sell to?

Recommendations, etc...

So i'll go first, but i'd be really interested to hear what you have to say.


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Ok. I'll just list the ones i know. in no particular order, and at least put a suburb next to it.

GEMS (Belconnon) - these guys seem to have a massive range, and a nice mixture of africans. i haven't been out there for quite a while, but i have bought a tank from there (2ft, probably very overpriced though) and that's been fine. I got a number of fish there in my early days and set up a dwarf african tank. 50% of them had died within the first 2 weeks. could totally be because of my newness to the game though.

Fibraquaria (Fyshwick) - i must preface this with the fact that i was friends with one of the guys that works there before it even opened, so i do have a bit of bias. i love this shop. partially cause it's so close to where i live, but also cause it's got a bit of everything (and one of my oscars is in the display tank!!). i think they have a pretty reasonable african range, not sure on the americans, and they used to have a really nice Australian Native range too (not sure if it's still as big as it used to be). i got my 4ft setup from there, and they've been more than helpful in helping me keep it running and maintained. i will continue to be a good customer there. my only complaint is that they seem to be the most expensive in town!

Neptunes (Queanbeyan) - i only recently discovered this place, and i have to say that i have totally gotten over the distance factor getting there cause i always walk out with something in my hands! as far as i know, they are breeding a lot on the premises, and that's good to know i guess when selecting fishies. I think they too have a great range, and they're reasonably priced. there is always at least one breed on sale (which sucks me in every time), and i'm talking like $30 fish for $10... which is pretty cool. i think it's just when they want to move them to get new fish the same in.

????? (Mitchell) - I olny found this place yesterday, and to be honest i can't see myself going out there too often. the range was pretty small, and the fact that i saw several different tanks with dead fish in them kind of put me off!

Powells (Phillip) - maybe i'm not going to the right store or something, but i think i've only ever seen one cichlid there (an oscar of course), so no comment on this one i guess.

The place next door to Powell's (Phillip) - can't remember what it's called.. sorry. will fix when i find out! only been here once, and thought it had a decent range and some good looking fish. haven't purchased from there, so i can't comment much more than that.

Susan's Petbarn (Belconnon Markets) - Not a bad range. Seem to have some stuff really cheap and some stuff really overpriced from what i could see. a pretty reasonable range of africans (an and off) heaps of rocks and wood, and some damn nice australians that i'm thinking of buying a new tank just to get them. problem at this store is that i don't think anyone i have ever dealt with there so far knows anything about fish!!!

Ok, that's all i can think of for now. will update with names and more details as i have reason too.

Over to you guys.

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Hi Grace

As far as fish shops in the ACT goes - have a look at this post by Chorrylan. ACT Fish shops It is pretty helpful. I dont think people should bag out any shops in the forum but a little constructive cricisism cant hurt.

The thing that i find with ACT aquariums are the high prices even for commonly available fish, and the lack of variety, especially in the cichlid rhelm. Mark ups from the fish wholesalers are very high sad.gif. But they are in the business of making money, and if they need to charge high prices then i guess they need to. That is why these boards are so good - as we can swap fish with each other. I know you can get fish from breeders in Canberra at 40-70% off what you would pay in the shops.

Most ACT fish shops will buy fish from you - but you will only get wholesale prices.

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