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Hi folks

I gives me great pleasure to announce the following promotions

BaZ has been promoted From Junior Administrator to Senior Administrator

Ben has been promoted from Global Moderator to Junior Administrator

This is in recognition for vast amount the work they both get through in making these forums a more pleasant place to visit.

YeW, Andy and I are very grateful for the work they put in and I hope you all concur with this decision

Thanx Guy’s your work has been of a high caliber and volume. It has made life for the others in the crew a lot easier.

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Thank you so much Mark, Dave and Andy. blush.gif

I really enjoy being able to give something back after all this board has given me. I have learnt so much and meet some many great people through here it is hard to imagine what life would be like if I had never found it.

Also Congratulations Baz on you promotion to mate….


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Chee, you guys have strange titles.

For some reason, it's more like a demotion for Ben than promotion

from Global Moderator to a "Junior" Administrator laugh.gif

I think it sounds better without the word "junior". thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Just my opinion.

Keep up the good work guys smile.gif

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Hehehe thanks guys, and congrats ben!

Yes wildcaught the junior admin title is a strange one, and I'm happy to be a junior no longer wink.gif

But if you think the titles are weird, you should see some of the forum members!

Since we are already getting all warm and fuzzy I might take this oportunity to say thanks to all of you for making this a fun forum to be on. I've made a lot of friends both local and interstate, and on the whole we have very few trouble makers.

(and even the trouble makers can be nice guys when they want, can't they lungy tongue.gif)

Anyway, thanks again. See you all in chat!

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ohmy.gif Congratulations Boys !!! Well deserved Both of ya's ... I'm sure Ben

will be here more often as soon as that FISHROOM (house) is done LOL.gif ...

Well done Mark !!! Excellent choices mate ...

(taking nothing from the other mods) ...

I personaly have noticed the amount of time & Effort BaZ has

put in over the past months and also the genuine keen-ness to

be involved from Ben ... Baz'n'Ben = Forum nice guys biggrin.gif or

Baz'n'Ben the flower pot men LOL.gif ..

Andy ...

Ps... Mark ! Thanx again for the offer wink.gif But Baz will do fine mate tongue.gif

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