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S. leucosticta


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Ours are housed in a 4x18x18 with end drop, two pair spawning one each end.

There is alot of flaring and body slaping between the pair and quite a bit of jaw locking, the fighting produces no damage, even when the two pairs have a dispute

over "Land Rights" there is no visible damage.

Ours (Both) spawn on a flat rock and rub the eggs with their lips for about 4 days(pending Temp) they then pick up the fry and take turns at brewding the fry so they both get to feed, to watch the change over is somthing else.

They find a quite corner and the Reciever head butts the other until the fry are expelled by the holding fish whilst the other quickly takes them in this starts to happen after about day10, hope this helps you.

Where is the spell check???????????????

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thanks for the reply Boots

the reason I ask is bcoz I had a spawn last week. The amount of eggs seemed to get less and less all the time.


ut after about 48hrs I ended up taking out the saucer (where eggs had been laid) in an attempt to try to hatch the eggs without all the other fish feasting on them. I found that the parent's were not aggressive enough and the eggs were prone to being eaten by my other leuccies in the tank.

Anyway.. the rest of those eggs didn't make it, but Im pretty sure that the mother is mouthbrooding some eggs at the moment, she seems to be tumbling something and hasn't really been eating as usual.

how long is it till they release the fry? At the moment I don't have the space to move her into another tank. Will it be a problem if I milk her instead?

Im going to set up another tank and move the breeders to avoid needing to milk them in future. I would prefer that they raise their own fry by themselves.


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