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Mini-Tankbuster for a 4x2x2

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As mentioned in the title, I might have a 4x2x2 tank freed up shortly - I'm interested in putting one interactive largish fish into it that can live forever in a tank this size (possibly with some other dither/target fish).

I have a large male red devil who could go in there, but frankly that would be replacing one type of large CA cichlid with another so I'm wondering what other non-cichlid options there are?

I can't afford a chiller or skimmer for it so fresh water tropical stuff only (I'm in north QLD so the tank is 32*c for 6 months of the year)

Suggestions/ideas/abuse? :p



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Actually, something like Bichirs kind of tickle my fancy looks wise - how are they to own?

Is their behaviour interesting? Are they interactive at all like the big CA cichlids are?

What species are small enough to live in a 4x2 for life & what can you keep with them?

Any other suggestions?

I like giant gouramis but I'm pretty sure the tank is too small, even though it might take years for them to outgrow it I don't want to put a fish in that I'd have to find a new home for later.

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They have some senegal bichirs up here approx 12cm for $220

Apparently they are one of the smaller species so depending on how they go I might get a few (would be store credit so if the prices are over the top I don't really care much - the alternative would be using wads of cash I don't have & shipping them)

So, the LFS is keeping a larger one (~25cm) on display with some wussy CA & SA cichlids (GTs, firemouths, parrots etc) so in theory with how wussy my synspilum is they should play alright, the hoplos get to the surface to breathe ok in that tank so I don't see any issues for the bichir doing the same, also my synspilum is a wuss feeding too so him outcompeting for food isn't such an issue.

Any bichir keepers see a problem with this plan?

edit: anyone see anything wrong with me talking to myself in here? :p

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