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RD with possible swim bladdder issues...

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Hey peeps,

My favorite big red devil has recently developed a swelling on one side of his body & he appears to have buoyancy issues.

This appears to have coincided with some lax water conditions due to my own health going backwards for a while (one water change on the system in a month instead of fortnightly), but while the water changes weren't being done neither was much feeding so I don't expect the nitrate to have gone too over the top, plus other fish on the same sump system are all fine & still breeding so I don't think it is directly the water tho it could have contributed. I'll tell you one thing, the purigen in the sump was well & truly coffee dark. :B

Anyway, he is fed sinking pellets (3mm NLS, 5mm Hikari & NLS/OSI algae wafers) but often will attack them on the surface so I suppose swallowed air ala float in a frontosa could be possible, though I wasn't aware that was an issue for red devils as they aren't a 100m below the surface fish like frontosa are. Also the swelling being only on one side seems odd (though if they have a pair of swim bladdders maybe not?), which makes me think possible infection?

Now the water has been well & truely changed & is now quite clean, normally I'd just wait it out & let the fish's immune system do what it does but being one of my favorite fish I want to help him if I can.

He's still feeding & acts otherwise fine, just a little "mobility challenged" at the moment.

So the question is, what (if anything) can I do to help him?

Simple stuff like dose salt & alternafix or hospital tank & some specific medication? Garlic up some pellets before feeding him?

Any help appreciated, even if it is just reassurance to wait it out. :B

I could post a pic but really how helpful is a photo of a red devil with a bubble inside him on one side going to be :p

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