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Looking to buy Tropheus


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G'Day everyone,

I am looking to buy a colony of 15-20 Tropheus Moorii Moliro in the near future. My question is if they are available in the Sydney area and for what price? Prices for adults and juveniles would be appreciated as I am not completely sure whether I could afford adults.

Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

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Hi parrdog!

Glad to welcome another Tropheus lover! Make sure you read about keeping Tropheus on http://users.bigpond.net.au/steve.corbett/steves_tropheus/ before you buy them.

I have recently bought some F1 quality German imports from Bayfish at Auburn aquariums. They were 3.5cm and were healthy and had great colours. They were $45 each, but i am sure you can get them cheaper if you are buying 15-20! Talk to Patrick or Anthony.

I also enquired about Tropheus on the Perth Aquarium site - http://www.perthaquarium.com.au/products-fs.htm

They were offering "a colony of 10 Tropheus moori 'Moliro' available at the moment. Airfreight to Sydney is around $50.00 (courier to airport, AAE basic charge and freight fee). This colony is captive bred and around 5-6cm (great colouration) - $60.00 each".

However, some private breeders may offer you a better deal so look around!


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