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It depends on how big the tank is and what you want to keep.

The sun can heat up the tank but the larger the tank the less of a problem this will be. If the tank heats up you need to make sure you have temperature tolerant fishies (or a way too cool the tank).

On the other hand the most common problem with tanks in sunlight are photo synthetic bacteria such as cyanobacteria. These can make your water and everything else green if there is sufficent nutrients in the tank. Ways to control this are: massive water movement, algae eating fish or snails, very regular water changes, nutrient management or micro filters. (Or blackouts long enough to starve the CBA but not the fish or plants).

It's quite common in the USA for some of the larger tanks to be under skylights so it is manageable. (May be down here too).

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i have 2 4x2x2 tank system that recieve natural light all day and direct sunlight all afternoon, the filtration is one large sump filter with a 3000lph pump

yes it takes about 3-4 days for all sides of the tanks to turn dark green with algae, i dont think you can do anything to stop this with direct sunlight (algacide?!!!)

my tanks are crystal clear though, with a couple bristlenose in each tank they eat the algae faster than it can grow smile.gif

i agree with mianos, a tank in direct sunlight needs a lot more filtration, more maintenance (like cleaning all the bristlenose poop) and more attention to water temperature in summer

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