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want to get into some africans


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I would like some advice.. im looking at buying another tank for some africans, the fish i love are

Altolamprologus calvus

Cyphotilapia frontosa.. except im not rich..

All Tropheus

Labidochromis Hongi

Melanochromis johannii

Pseudotropheus acei

What fish could/would work well together, open to any suggestions, what size tank would you reccomend.. looking at maybe 5footer...? Any help please..


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tropheus would be ok in a five footer but are better kept in species tank because of there diet etc. not too sure about the fronts and calvus but all three mbuna will go well together with very little chance of interbreeding.



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Frontosa and Calvus should do fine together as they both have similar carnivorous diets and both are from Lake Tang. They also both tend to have a gentle personality but will eat anything that will fit into their mouth. It is worth noting that Fronts do grow to a very considerable size so in the long run you will find that they will outgrow a 5ft tank.

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G'Day Adam

Nice assortment of fish. This your first african tank??

Matey Have you looked at other malawians? Zebs and peacocks are beautiful in colour and can be kept with each other without fear of inter breeding. Even hongi and peacocks will go good. Hey and if your like me and you can't really afford the space or dollars for a species only of frontosa keep two small ones and you will have plenty of time to get them more or a bigger tank.

Tropheus as pointed out need to really be kept in a species only as their diet makes them nearly intolerant to protein.

Acei can be a bit toey from what i have seen in a mates tank.

The other two i am not tooo sure of.

Cheers MT

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hey, thanks MT. yeh it will be my first african tank. i just want something as well as my americans... on the weekend im getting 2 3foot tanks 1 will have Pseudotropheus saulosi and the other will have convicts... to get experience trying to breed fish... i would love to breed an exotic fish 1 day.. i just want something to get me introduced to africans and isnt going to get sick easily. as i heard tropheus get bloat quite easily... thanks adam

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