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Where to find Neolamprologus ocelatus


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hi criag

to put it in a nutshell, short & sweet [sour in your case] hens teeth; rocking horse;

$1000 notes and anything else you can think of. censored all mate. i'm also looking for blues.as well if you find excess of either for your'e needs,[lol ha ha] i'll be ya best freind!! regards colfish

Any foul language will be dealt with immediately from now on. And we will include any form of written word that makes a person think the word is foul.
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a hell of a lot of private breeders stock them but not many sell them. I've got some blue ocellatus, and as for black ocellatus "speciocus(spelling)" they come up every now again! They are around you just gotta be patient. Oh yeah i dunno if this helps but contact this bloke find out where he lives these were 4 sale on the boronia forum! 4 Sale Blue Occies

Cheers biggrin.gif

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Hi Col

Not all people have been exposed to our version/interpretation of the word and I'm sure that if you check the dictionary you will see why it has been included. wink.gif

As I have said each case will be dealt with on it's own merit and I find yours to be rather insignificant, but remember it's not just Aussies that view this site.

I’ll review its use with the rest of the team and let you know if we can make an exception for that one.

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Hi Colfish

We have decided to allow that word. But we will be keeping an eye on the context it is used in.


n; A person who practices buggery (Buggery; Anal intercourse between a man and another man, a woman or an animal)

taboo sl; a person or thing considered to be contemptible, unpleasant or difficult

sl; a humorous or affectionate term for a man or child: a friendly little bugger

bugger all: sl; nothing ~ to practice buggery (with)

sl; chiefly brit; to ruin, complicate or frustrate

sl; to tier, weary

taboo sl; an exclamation of annoyance or disappointment

Other forms are

Bugger about or around & Bugger off

Ref:- The Collins Concise Dictionary; Australian Edition

So it has our slang versions.

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I have both blue and black occelatus, i have absolutely love these guys.

I always have plenty of blues available, but the speciosus, thats another story,

The golds are awesome I will admit, but !! if you keep the blues in the correct

environment i believe they are just as/ if not more spectacular smile.gif IMO

anyway, im in queensland (sorry )


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