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Eheim cannister maintanence


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Hey, ive got a Eheim 2217 that i think is loosing flow rate.

Ive cleaned out the cannister but i have no idea how to get to the impellor as i dont have any kind of manual.

Can anyone give me some intructions on how to dismantle the thing?

Im hoping the motor isnt going on it.


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When you take the lid off the filter, the motor as you should realise is inside this. Turn it on the back, and you will see two small...tabs, which will unscrew/release (from memory I turn it anti-clockwise, but I can't recall if it is threaded, I don't think it is, but anti-clockwise is probably an easier way to twist it) a sort of locking ring. Take this off, and you will see another lid like piece, that fits very snugly with the body of the lid (this is the lid that seals the propellor into an enclosed section). Get a fingernail or what ever under this. Do it carefully as the ceramic shaft is attached to the underside of this. This shaft, though very good in resisting wear from normal wear and tear, but can be fragile. Treat it better than glass, and assume that an accident will happen, and once it is in pieces (all the different parts not the shaft blink.gif ), put it to one side, way out of the area you are working in (hey, you break one, and you'll become as paranoid as me!).

Once this part is off, and the shaft is out of harms (read 'you') way, you can lift the propeller with the magnet out. You will find it will be gunked (technical term) up. Clean not only the magnet and propeller, but also the shaft it sinks into. I use an old bit of filter wool to do this.

To reassemble, do the reverse of the above.

You will also probably want to clean out the inlet and outlet tubes. You can do this with either a brush on a wire, or a bit of filter wool, forced into the end of the tube, and forced through with a hose tight fitted over the end of the tube. Hopefully it is obvious you will need to do this outside the house tongue.gif .

If you want further instruction, 9541-4195, outside business hours.

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I have found that an easy way to clean the canaster is to black flush the canaster with the lid off, i use a garden hose to do my water changes. I plug the hose onto the inlet and let the canaster overflow while i clean the pump, i then give the canaster a shake and put the hose in the top. you will be amased at the gunk that comes out the inlet. keep putting the hose on the inlet and fill the canaster when full, take it back off and shake. Repeat until clear... Usally take approx 80l of water to flush mine (30% water change.)

Of course I also clean the filter pads while I am there.


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