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Spectrum Cichlid Formula


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Hi All, biggrin.gif

Can anyone validate the claims of spectrum cichlid formula, and it's colour enhancing capabilities. I know the colour enhancing topic is a touchy issue, is the spectrum food free of hormones? blush.gif

How effective is this food in colour enhancing?

- More powerful than "White Crane"

- "Super R"

- "Colour bits"? blink.gif


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You will find "colour enhancing" and "spectrum" will not entice the same reaction that "white crane" will.

Use Spectrum to your pleasure, it is a good food. Most foods have some sort of colour enhancing ingredients in them, but with WC, people are suspicions as to what it is that makes females show male colours. Spectrum won't do this.


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Guest Gutty

I have used Spectrum as long as i've been keeping fish. I've only ever had one fish that doesn't seem to like it(my current male Aul. Chiwindi).

Personally i highly reccomend it.......Age of Aquariums sells it at a good price.(see link in bottom left of screen)



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Spectrum is fine.

I treat it like I do color bits etc though, as a "treat" type food and not a staple. It seems to have the same "overcolouring effects" on certain fish as does tetra bits. (ie. orange instead of yellow)

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