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backup tank to a 2ft setup


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Hi all,

I currently have a 2 ft tank that is probably becoming a little over crowded.

There are 3 E Yellows, 2 Pulu Points and a Pindani. In addition to that, I have a floating cage setup that is currently housing 4 E Yellow fry (1 mth old) and I noticed yesterday that one of my E Yellow's is holding again.

I was thinking about setting up a small 1 or 1.5 foot tank and put it at the bottom of the 2ft tank stand. This would then hold the small fry and some of the smaller fish in the 2ft tank that seem to being picked on a little.

This is all fine but I was ondering whether it would be possible to somehow rig up a circulation system between the two tanks. I would then put a larger filter on the 2ft that would be able to handle the water in the second tank as well.

Is there anyone else out there that has a similar situation? Space is a bit of an issue which was why I wanted a small tank that will fit in the bottom of the existing tank stand.



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i guess you dont have the option of getting a bigger tank , if you are going to put another tank on your stand make sure the bottom is reinforced and strong enough to cope with the weight as most stands unless they have been made to store a tank on the bottom shelf are not.

i dont see how you could share filtration on your system as its a bit small if you had a bigger tank you could set something like that up

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