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2 tailed Venustus


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A while back i had a batch of Venustus fry and 1 of

them had 2 tails. A few got out of my useless home

made fry holder, and consequently got gobbled up.

Unfortunately the freak fish got out with them. Has

anyone else had a freak occurance like this or

something similar?



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I've seen a two headed convict fry in a friends tank - he destroyed it immediately. We were actually talking about it the other day, wondering how long it would have survived for.

But yeh, we were quite surprised when it had 3 eyes unsure.gif

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Hi slotha,

About three months ago I bread a two headed saulosi. It only lasted a few hours after I found it, long enough to show a few mates. The female that bread it had held it for about 15 days, but i couldnt let it live sadsmiley02.gif


Josh and Evelyn

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Why not?

Personally I would start a Mutated Fish Display Tank.

When they are older... they can all cross breed and make even worse mutated fishes.


i think its fairly obvious Newo was joking don't you? huh.gif

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