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when will my feyeri breed


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Guest Gutty

Please stop yelling. We can all read little letters just fine. eek.gif

I think a better question would be "how long until the females breed ?" as your male is well and truely big enough.

Never bred blues before but i'd imagine when the females get to around 8-10cm they should be getting a pretty keen.



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Mate you should read the Terms and Conditions and edit your original post. Just in case it goes missing, as shouting is frowned on.

I would say there is a good chance it will take a while for them to breed. The females would be intimidated by such a large male. He is 3 times their length which means roughly 9 times their body mass (give or take).

He would be looking at eating those girls before he looks to spawn with them IMHO. It might be best to try and get your hands on an 8-10cm male.

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The size of them is not a problem. I have females breeding @ 8 cm so you may have to wait another couple of months for them to mature and grow a bit but they could possibly breed at that size. I have a big male @ 16cm and he spawned with a female who was only 7-8cm and i have pics + video of it. Just be patient.


Ben thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Same - get a smaller male. What size tank you keeping them in? Hopefully a decent sized tank.

My blues breed regularly it's usually triggered after a water change or a big storm coming. Getting Seachem Malawi buffer and Rift lake salt is also an option (there are other ways to buffer your water) but I find these good quality products.

Hope that helps (HTH).



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